Canada - Hong Kong United Heart to Heart

加港心聯心 Canada - Hong Kong United Heart to Heart

Mississauga Chinese United Church is one local community of faith under the United Church of Canada located in the City of Mississauga just west of Toronto. Supported by the United Church of Canada, we are developing the Canada  - Hong Kong United Heart to Heart project to pro-actively engage potential Hong Kong immigrants, new landed Hong Kong immigrants and students from Hong Kong, regardless of their religious belief, that our church as well as all the local communities of faith under the United Church of Canada that are located throughout Canada are ready to offer Hongkongers social and spiritual programs/services to support your settlement in your new home - Canada.

The United Church of Canada is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. Over 2 million people worship in about 2,800 congregations across Canada. Under the United Church of Canada, Chinese Association of the United Church of Canada is also formed to support ministry for Chinese Canadians. There are a number of Chinese United Churches in major metropolitan areas such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa etc.

If you are already in Canada or planning to come to Canada, we hope the United Church of Canada’s services can help to make your settlement journey less lonely and stressful. As the United Church of Canada has local community of faith all over Canada, we believe no matter whether you prefer to settle in a major city or a smaller community, we will be able to connect you with one of local community of faith and support your immigration and settlement journey. If you are interested to connect with us, please send us an email or leave a message in our Facebook messenger. We will be happy to connect with you and see how we can assist.


位於多倫多西面的密西沙加中華聯合教會是加拿大聯合教會屬下的當地信仰團體之一。 在加拿大聯合教會的支持下,我們正在展開一個叫加港心聯心外展計劃,希望可以接觸有意到加拿大移民的香港人、新到的香港移民和來自香港的學生,不論你們是甚麼宗的教信仰,我們的教會以及加拿大聯合教會旗下遍布加拿大各地的信仰團體都準備為香港人提供社會,精神和信仰的服務,以支持你在加拿大不同地方定居。

加拿大聯合教會是加拿大最大的基督教會。 超過 200 萬教友遍佈在在加拿大各地約 2,800 個會禮拜堂。 在加拿大聯合教會下,加拿大聯合教會華人協會也成立多年,協會支持加拿大華人的宗教事工。 在溫哥華、愛民頓、多倫多、渥太華等主要大市城都有華人聯合教會。

如果你已經在加拿大或計劃來加拿大,我們希望加拿大聯合教會的服務可以幫助你減少定居之旅的壓力。 由於加拿大聯合教會在加拿大各地都有當地的信仰社區,我們相信無論你喜歡定居在大城市還是較小的社區,我們都能夠將你與當地的信仰社區聯繫起來並支持和幫助你 移民和定居之旅。 如果你有興趣與我們聯繫,請給我們發送一個電郵,我們亦歡迎你在我們的 Facebook Messenger 中留言。 我們很樂意與你聯繫,看看我們如何可以提供協助。

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